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What are the advantages of lightwire orthodontics/ALF treatment?
• Very gentle/works with nature.
• Esthetically pleasant/mostly invisible.
• Removable if needed
• Improves the airway
How does the light wire appliance work?
• Focuses on the overall health and facial development.
• Addresses the underlying causes for crooked teeth and uses light forces which mimic Nature, works in harmony with the body.
• Lets straight teeth and a beautiful smile occur as a “side effect”
Why start treatment at a young age?
•Children get maximum advantage from Lightwire Orthodontic / ALF treatment while they are still growing
•When a child has early signs of crowded teeth, poor facial development will occur.
•Maxilla follows growth pattern of the brain: ◦by age 4 ➟ facial skeleton has reached 60 % of its adult size ◦by age 12 ➟ 90% of growth has occurred
•Mandible follows growth of the rest of the skeleton
What are some of the causes for crooked teeth?
•Low tongue posture
•Restricted airway and mouth breathing
•Cranial strains, stresses and tensions in the head and neck area
•Poor diet (Low Nutritional Value)
What are the signs that somebody may need orthodontic treatment?
Children age 5 to 7:
•no gaps between primary teeth
•mouth breathing
•restricted mouth opening
•lots of facial muscle activity during swallowing
Children 8 years and older:
•crooked teeth / not enough room
•”Buck teeth” / upper front teeth sticking out
•”under-bite” / lower front teeth bite further forward than upper front teeth
•mouth breathing
•TMJ discomfort
What is Cranial Osteopathy?
•Cranial Osteopathy is a gentle hands-on technique that encourages the release of stresses and tensions
throughout the body, including the head.
•It can be particularly helpful during treatment with Lightwire Orthodontics / ALF and shorten treatment